To play SMK, you need to decide who of a group of three people you would SCREW, who you would MARRY and who you would KILL.

You can only choose one for each. No screwing them all.

1. If you SCREW someone, you get to do it once. And only once.
2. If you MARRY someone, you never ever get to screw them. Ever.

Simply drag the S, M and K icons onto the people you want to SCREW, MARRY or KILL. It's kind of simple.

If you don't know who someone is, click on the photo to the right of their name and we'll load up their Wikipedia entry. It might take a second, so be patient. We love Wikipedia.

You can also create your own games and share them with friends by clicking on the ADD button.

SMK is most fun when shared. So share often.

SMK Screen


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Concept by David Brinker, Gary Herman and Keren Kazam

Designed by Sonya Balchandani

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App 2010 Gary Herman and David Brinker

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